Born in Kiio village – Mwingi Town, Kitui County, Mary is the fifth born in a family of 9, seven children
and two parents. The father is a teacher while the mother is a farmer, they have six daughters and 1
boy. Mary started her primary school at Itiriku Primary School in 2011. During this period the parents
were paying for her tuition fees till 2018 when she completed her primary school scoring 276 marks out
of 500.
In 2019, she joined Kio Secondary School for her secondary school education. During the holidays she
would do casual jobs in order to finance her studies since her parent could not afford the tuition fees for
her studies. Also, being frequently sent home for fees negatively affected her final examination
performance. In March 2022, Mary scored C- in her final secondary school exam (KCSE).
In Kioo village Mary was on the verge of being forced to enter into an early marriage. She was
promised a college education if she was to accept the marriage, but she had to flee to Nairobi. One of
The Ngao Foundation volunteers referred her to the organization, she was enrolled on mentorship and
that is where we got the additional information regarding her story.
The organization has continued to provide support for Mary including Psychosocial support such as
guidance and counselling and mentorship. The organization also has provided her with a scholarship to
pursue computer studies which she completed last year. Currently, she is doing a diploma in Electrical
and electronics under The Ngao Foundation’s rehabilitative and empowerment initiative.
She completed her grade 3 exams on 17 th April 2023, she is progressing to grade 2 then finally grade
one. She is the only lady in her class (a class of 23 students). Be part of Mary success journey by
supporting her A donation of USD 500 will ensure she completes grade 2 and acquire all the necessary
tools required.