Doreen was born in Kimende, in a family of eight. She comes from a broken family, the mother was chased away from her marital home because she gave birth to a disabled child. This created disputes and constant abuse from Doreen’s father and the family in general. Due to this, they had to move from Kimende to Kangemi. Her firstborn sister is battling mental health issues because she has not been able to move from how the mother was treated

Currently, Doreen lives with her mother in a single-room corrugated iron sheet house together with all the children. The mother works as a casual laborer and most of t her income goes to the medical bills of her disabled sister. The family survives on one meal a day and sometimes getting this meal is a challenge. Due to the traumatic experiences that the family has gone through Doreen’s performance slightly dropped but she is a very intelligent young girl and she is very determined to work hard and help her mother and siblings.

The Ngao Foundation came to know this case when the mother visited the office seeking to join one of the women empowerment groups so that she can learn business skills to improve her livelihood. Doreen is now enrolled in a mentorship program and regularly receives counseling sessions to help her cope with her past experiences.

We are requesting you to kindly help us in donations to ensure that this young girl can join  secondary school and also give her a chance to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. A donation of $350 will ensure that this young girl can join a secondary school.