Saumu was born in Kapsokon village, Kimilili constituency, Bungoma county. She is a total orphan. Her mother died giving birth to her. She has never known who her really father is; she lives with a well-wisher. The purported father left her after bizarre situation. He took advantage of her vulnerability and defiled her on multiple occasions. Rescued by the community, she was forced to flee the village in the hands of a well-wisher. They moved to Kangemi informal settlement, Nairobi. While in Kangemi, she started primary school at Kangemi youth then later due to financial constraints, she was moved to Kangemi primary public school. With the help of a well-wisher (a single mother of four), who couldn’t afford the tuition fees at the previous school. Though with struggle, Saumu completed her primary school education in 2015 with an extinction of 72% (366/500). 

She secured a high school scholarship from the Area member of Parliament. Due to her good performance, the scholarship covered her entire secondary school education. The family struggled to afford the daily meals. In 2019, Saumu completed her high school (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) with a grade B. A grade to get her to the university. She was called to join PWANI UNIVERSITY but she could not afford raise the entry fees. 

Her several visits and multiple requests for the area member of Parliament to assist didn’t materialize. She was left to stayed home since 2019, doing odds jobs to sustain her basic needs as a young girl.  Her zeal and persistence to becoming a nurse never died in her. Always hope to one day become a nurse, to help many mothers who die giving birth. She recently volunteered at the Ngao Foundation; immediately learned of her predicament and passion to study. She had applied and accepted to join Kenya Medical Training College in Bomet. With hope that someone a sponsor can see her through a three-year college; the Ngao Foundation wrote a letter for her to be accepted as it embarks on finding someone to assist her. This is an appeal, a humble request for Saumu college support. She her gone through so much as a young child. Her resilience and passion speaks volumes. She is a very brilliant young lady. Investing in her is a sure bet. As witnessed in her academic records, she is an intelligent young lady, with potential to excel. As I write her story, she is currently at KENYA MEDICAL TRAINING COLLEGE.  She was admitted last week Thursday September 15th, 2022 upon our request.  Her full year tuition $ 700 which will cover all her tuition, library, examinations, hostel and basic expenses.