Food and Nutrition

The Ngao Foundation understands the need of good nutrition and dangers of hunger, therefore through the Food and Nutrition program interventions it supports the vulnerable children and families by offering ready cooked food to children and dry food to families. The Food and Nutrition project is supporting the vulnerable families from Kangemi informal settlement but with the love of God it envisions to serve more communities from all over Kenya.

Why Food

You can help end hunger crisis and restore hope. “Safe nutritious food restores hope and unlocks potentials” Every day in communities throughout the sub-Saharan Africa, millions of people suffer from hunger and poor nutritious diet. For the school aged children this poses a high risk at school since their school life is affected. Food is a daily challenge, without food you can’t work, can’t develop, can’t stay healthy and can’t stay at school, this traps poverty.

How we do it!

Feeding the Child

Every Weekend and selected weekdays, we prepare a plate of cooked meal and snacks feeding approximately 200 children. A hungry child cannot hide from needing food but powerlessly with pulled down face stands at a distance with his/her eyes straight on food. Kangemi informal settlement exhibits huge cases of children from poor families roaming in the streets looking for any kind of food to eat. The situation is worse when school closes.

Family food relief support

Due to wide spread of the pandemic-COVID-19, the government pronounced City lockdown and a curfew affecting normal operation of several businesses. Businesses and other social activities stopped. The informal settlement dwellers of Kangemi, Kibera and Kawangware slums have been in dire need of food. The Ngao Foundation launched a fundraising campaign from friends for an Emergency Family Relief and nutrition Support. a) Creating awareness and sensitization on measures of combating covid-19 b) Purchase food, sanitizers, facemasks and sanitary towels for girls and teenage mothers c) Distribution of healthy cooked meal for children in the community every weekend d) Nutrition and childcare support under covid-19 circumstances



Nutrition education

This is made to make a better life for all family members where it entails information on: Importance of safe nutritious diet to family and mostly children under five. How to ensure families are food secure and have safe food to feed on through home gardening. Importance of taking children to clinic for growth monitoring and get immunized. The importance of breastfeeding and proper general hygiene to infants and the mothers. Support us with $50 to feed a child and a family for a week. 


Thiong’o rd, off Waiyaki Way, Kangemi, Nairobi

Our hours

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