About Us

We are a charitable foundation registered under perpetual Succession act chapter 164 laws of Kenya; with the aim to facilitate the community in realizing its own potential to initiate sustainable change using Asset Based community development(ABCD) Model. Through community conversations, Ngao brings the communities to its consciousness in terms of asset, strength, capacity and opportunities that lie unexploited within them.

Values that lead us






Board of trustees

Anthony Hulula


Sasha Denisova

Board Chair

Kassondra Burtis

Board Member

Betty Kipsang

Board Member

Esther Kivivya

Food and Nutrition  Program Officer

John Wafula

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene officer

Michael Maina

Website Manager/Designer

Virginia Njoki

Education program officer

Abubakar Musa

Mentor/mindset coach/law of attraction practitioner.
Author of from a barber to a CEO no 1 best selling book. Co-founder of Kwetu book club. Director at Quantum leap success Ltd