This is a technical training program that was started in June 2021 to train students in domestic Electrical Installation and Electronics. It operates in Kangemi in Nairobi County. It targets the post school students and those who drop out of school due to various reasons. This training is aimed at giving the youth a chance to improve their lives through technical training in electrical skills. The course targets fighting unemployment, which is a serious crisis in the country.

Our students are taught in both practical and theory parts of the course contents with more emphasis in practical and field practice.

We offer this course which is divided into three levels which take a duration of about three years to completion in accordance with the National Industrial Training Council. These are Grade 3, Grade 2 and Grade 1.

The students are examined and assessed by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) for certification and industrial placement in each of the above levels. The course is categorized as Electrical Wireman by the examining body.


Formation and empowering the youths, teaching them and giving Technical Skills for job market.  After the training the youths go back to give back to the community morally formed able to apply the acquired technical skills to earn a living. Our students are trained with mind not in formal employment but also in creation of employment opportunity for self sustainability.