Ruben Medina

I was the co-founder of the Huerfano County Ambulance Service in my home town of Walsenburg, Colorado. Was an EMT-I, firefighter and search and rescue person. I started this when I was 20 years old. Worked for the YMCA of Denver for 20 years in a variety of capacities from youth programs, wellness, fitness, Early Childhood, Daycare, front desk and youth sports. Most recently, I worked for the city of Aurora as the Facility Manager of the Moorhead Recreation Center, plus, ran the Hoffman, Expo and Meadowood Recreation Centers as the Supervisor. Helped to get and advocate with the community and numerous agencies to get a Moorhead a fresh look. Currently, I work for the Foundation for Sustainable Urban Communities as the Project Manager of the Northwest Aurora/ Montbello Community Engagement. I connect community members to resources and help teach a Block Captain training to get people educated on the social determinates of health and how it impacts them.

Serve on many boards and committees. The Denver Foundation where I am a trustee, Chair of the Education Committee, served on the Strengthening Neighborhood committee, Basic Human Needs, and numerous others.

Serve on RISE Board as a founding member. They help to educate, empower and engage the communities especially the immigrant and refugee communities to have a racial equity in the schools. Plus, I have my own consulting company on community engagement where I hold trainings for communities to help them utilize the power of the people to advocate for changes. I use the ABCD concept (Asset Based Community Engagement) model. I am a fellow of the ABCD Institute out of DePaul University in Chicago. I have done trainings across the country and locally. I will be conducting a National training on ABCD in the fall in Denver along with a few other colleagues from across the country. And I currently work with an NGO out of Nairobi, Kenya working on ABCD work. I am a servant leader who wants to listen, help connect the community, educate them and let them lead while I am in the back.