Toa Peng

Tao has been involved with different nonprofit organizations, board and commission most his adult life. Before coming to the Nago foundation, Tao served as a community advisor and Tech Ambassador for Red Wing Ignite, an organization committed to deployment and sharing of next-generation technology to drive local innovation economy. Currently still serving as advisory board member for Phillip S. Duff Jr. Endowment Fund to encourage local residents to become acquainted with public affairs and to educate themselves on the role as citizen of the world. Tao also has 15 years’ experience in international exchange and diplomacy, serving as chair and board member of Sister City Commission, during that time he has been on few delegations including Mayor Delegations to China as a translator and culture expert. Tao also has 20 years Information Technology experience, specializing in software and data analysis, with a master degree in International Business. In his spare time Tao loves to travel, he love to see different places, try different food, and experience different cultures.