Anthony Richard Hulula

holds a Bachelor Degree in Education from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota-Christ the Teacher Institute for Education Tangaza (CTIE) and a Masters of Art in Public Administration Management and Development from Mount Kenya University. He is the Founder of The Ngao Foundation, Board member of several Community and public organizations and schools both in Nairobi and the rural village. Graduated in 2006 as a teacher prepared to touch hearts, teach minds and transform lives, Anthony does it differently. For several years, he worked as the Development programs Administrator for St. Joseph the worker Catholic Church Kangemi where he enjoyed to fund raise for different projects, develop and implement traning programs for students, and initiate different capacity building opportunities for staff among others.

With collected experience in the development field first as a religious brother and secondaly as an administrator of development programs; he proceeded to Lecture at Mt. Kenya University in the school of Social Sciences and Diakonia Institute interacting with students on practical community interventions and best practices that transforms the lives of individuals within communities. Anthony is very passionate about community and individuals iniatiating their own change. Loves community life and working with communities towards collective change and individual transformation. Anthony beliefs that no one is so poor that he/she has nothing to give and that we need everyone.

The Ngao Foundation is a new step towards facilitating the community in realizing its own potential to initiate sustainable change using the Asset Based Community Driven Development (ABCD) Model. Now with different established programs, Anthony continues to support young people to realize Who they are? Where they are going? and How they get there? This has made him to get a new name “Mentor” by the young people he works with and the community. The mentorship program is designed to help the individual youth navigate life transitions/stages through a compelling future that helps the individual to find their purpose.

As the director at The Ngao Foundation, Anthony is well travelled across Kenya, Africa and the World; which has earned him good experience to regconize that genuine, sustainable change happens only when it comes from within an individual and within a community. It is the individual we teach, it the individual we touch, and it is the individual that gets transformed for the community to change.